Test Kugoo S1 : what sacrifices are you willing to do for a scooter electric for less than 300 euros ?

I don’t teach you anything, scooters, electric have invaded the streets of the capital, as well as all the other great French cities at breakneck speed. So quick, that the law is still struggling to find a satisfactory and definitive for its users and others. In addition to the rental services, leaving them to perish behind them many corpses of these devices on sidewalks, it is possible to become the proud owner of one of these means of transportation in urban residents. Several brands have taken advantage of this booming market and it is now possible to obtain one without having to leave an arm. This is the case of the Kugoo S1, which is placed in the rival of the famous M365 of Xiaomi.


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Construction and mobility

The engine of 350 W is located in the front wheel and a shock absorber was placed also on the two sides. In regards to the controls, you can count on of the triggers that are easily accessible in a boost : to the left to accelerate, right to brake. The latter is based on the engine, a second placed above the rear wheel can be operated easily and without electromagnetism, simply by pressing with his foot. In a pinch, but we will not lie it does not give a result very reliable…

Between the two cuffs of the device there is a LCD screen displaying all of the information and practices necessary for driving : the speed in km/h, the instantaneous voltage of the battery, the duration of your current trip, the number of km done with this one and total, the battery level indicator.

The tires in a hard gum are indestructible, because they are full. It is an excellent thing, you don’t have to let yourself be surprised by a flat tire or a rubber all softened. If it frees up the spirit of this side, another problem arises : the discomfort when driving.

Below you find small buttons pressures accompanied by pictograms to recognize it : the horn, the change of speed, the activation or deactivation of the headlights. But when you’re on the road, it is difficult to achieve peacefully, it is necessary to be sure to be well remembered in the upstream… their access is in no way natural. The battery is concealed in the interior of the plank under our feet and the port for the recharge bar, like many other devices of this kind.

The scooter is easy to carry : it is both foldable and very light, with its 11 kg. Simply press the small pedal purple placed at the join between the floor and the handlebars and stuck the bar in the rear bumper. The cuffs can also be folded, history of gain even more space. No bowl, to the time I write these lines, there is more, I will explain a little further for what reason. The scooter Kugoo S1 has the capacity to carry up to 120 kg. Its handlebar adjusts to fit all sizes : 930 mm, 1070 mm and 1160 mm. It also benefits from a small stand to keep it quickly standing.

Functionality and autonomy

It is not waterproof, it does not receive any certificate and when we look at it more closely, one realizes that it is really better not to play with fire. Or with water. Full of openings, the rain and the splashes were enough to clear a path to reach the components, and put to death the scooter.

It is not a scooter connected : no connection to Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or app. At least, you are not the piratera not ! However, one can customize his or her conduct with the buttons. A long press on activates or deactivates the start-up with momentum, but also to change the speed. The manufacturer speaks of scooter customizable, it should not exaggerate either, it’s still very limited and mostly of the order of the anecdotal. If you want the hack, it will be necessary to put the hands in the sludge.

The Kugoo S1 carries a nice battery endurance of 30 km maximum. On average, I could hold more than 20 km with a load, without attention to slowing my speed and making several trips. It really is an excellent point and a competitive advantage which will hardly exceed 15 km per charge. In short, you can count on it to not make us false hope. To fully charge it must, however, wait 4 hours.

The speed and the brakes

Three speeds are available ranging each to a maximum of 15 km/h, 25 km/h and 30 km/h. I think it is a shame that you can’t switch from the second to the first : there is the need to make a stop on the third.

When the battery is at the bottom, we easily reach the peaks of touted by the manufacturer : no need to be unbridled and the speed displayed on the dial seems to be consistent. I basically rolled on flat, but the sensation of speed is waiting for you. The accelerator and the gear shift give a small sense of pulse. However, as soon as you’re on a slope, as light as it is, the limits are quickly felt.

The brakes do not guarantee accuracy effective. Sometimes we can be surprised, because the engine brake does not react always the same way according to the situations. And even on two similar situations, it is a little Russian roulette ! As you say he should not have too much fear and rely more on its reactivity. Example : I wanted to brake fairly quickly two times during a trip. Keeping a constant speed, I allowed myself to be surprised the second time, because I thought that the gear would grind to a halt as fast as the first time… result, close to the sidewalk, I jumped on it to avoid a fall. The Kugoo S1 has lost its bumper. More fear than harm, but it has not been able to reconcile myself with my first impression. It is thus necessary to anticipate !

The discomfort of driving

As for any other vehicle, the secret is self-confidence, become one with the machine, and a lot of vigilance. Because it feels really vulnerable on the scooter, more than on other models to be more robust. It is lightweight and easy to transport, but it gives an impression of fragility, almost toy. This did not suit once started, the handlebar between the hands.


I was talking about the solid tyres and shock absorbers a bit over the top, we can not say that it adds comfort to the experience. On a road, perfectly smooth, no problem, but to have gone through several parisian neighborhoods these past few weeks with, it happens far too often, the ride turns into a nightmare. The pavement, even smooth and small, the old roads are poorly paved, the gravel, the sand… the scooter do we not preserve vibrations and small obstacles. It is unpleasant and in addition, it makes a lot of noise especially with the rear bumper, which comes to tap against the wheel. At least, it stands out.

The plank under our feet made of metal has only a thin strip serving as the grip. It would have been welcome as it covers more of the surface, as to have tried it after a shower and feet wet, we tend to drag.

Where to buy ?

The Kugoo S1 costs less than 300 euros and can be delivered in a short period of time since this model is stored in european warehouses of the site Geekbuying !

Last Amazon price update was on: 14 march 2019 11:55

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