A Youtubeur a little crazy has used the lasagna to build a PC… That runs

There are mornings where you wake up with an idea in mind. Change your job, find love, buy socks in color… projects that may cross the mind of everyone. The Youtubeur Micah Laplante, who offers tests of tech items on his chain, has decided to build a PC using the pasta for the lasagna. To each his own life.

To succeed his bet, the young man has used the components of an old tablet transformer Pad from Asus. It has, therefore, extracted one at a time starting with the motherboard, then the battery and on the connectors.

His strange case has need of pasta to the lasagna, a bit of glue (applied to the gun), adhesive tape to keep the components between them and rigatonis give the necessary volume to the whole structure so that it will not collapse on itself. He then applied a brush stroke to the whole to mimic the appearance of the meat and the cooking. The result is, he must admit, unappetizing.

This design is far-fetched had little chance of working, but it is necessary to believe that the guy has talent. In fact, he was able to install Chrome, Steam, and watch Netflix on his tv with it ! Alas, the age of the components used doesn’t offer an ideal experience. But was that really the purpose of the maneuver ? See more.

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