Adele : Young divorced and already in the arms of a new man, a dead ringer for his ex

Adele would she have ever found love ? A few days after having announced her divorce with Simon Konecki, after seven years of love, three years of marriage and a little boy named Angelo (6 years), the british singer was spotted kissing a man in New York. As reported by Page Six on 29 April, it looked suspiciously like the ex-husband of the star.

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The interpreter of 30 years would have already shared several appointments with this man : “Adele is a strong woman and she is determined to move forward, as anyone turning the page after a divorce, reported a source. She has a real weakness for guys in the u.s. since she lives in Los Angeles and exchanged a kiss with a gentleman in a bar in new york city. He has a big beard like Simon, but it was more maintained and neat. They will learn to know each other, but Adele does not seek anything serious. His son Angelo is his priority. She is young and having fun. Her girlfriends laugh by saying that she should download Tinder.”

Already separated for long months before the official announcement of her divorce, Adele has celebrated her new celibacy with her best friend, Jennifer Lawrence in a gay bar in New York a few weeks ago. A joyful evening relayed by photos and videos of curious on the social networks. Between two trips with girlfriends, the singer also spend time in the studio : it may be that this separation does it inspire for a future album, four years after the success of his previous opus 25.

Simon Konecki, 45 years, returned to live in England, where he continues to work in his NGO, Drop4Drop, which works for access to drinking water in countries in difficulty. Still, even if the official press release says that they “are committed to raising their son together with love”, the divorce of Adele and her ex-husband would not be a done deal, since there would be several cases in the course : the couple has not signed a pre-nuptial agreement before his marriage, Simon Konicki is entitled to request half of the fortune of the singer, estimated to be in excess of 150 million pounds (173 million euros).