Adriana Karembeu is sleeping with his daughter : rare confidence on his little Nina

Adriana Karembeu has made few confidences to her daughter, the adorable little Nina, already aged 8 months. The acolyte of Michel Cymes gave an interview to our colleagues from Tv Starto discuss his new projects, but also her life as a mom. At 47 years old, she admits to be a real “mother hen” with her little girl. “I hope not to be too protective. I try to restrain myself. (…) She has no concept of danger. I see it clinging to the barriers of her bed and she lets herself fall all of a sudden. Then, we change the decor in our house. Everything is surrounded by mattresses, cushions, etc, “says the young mother.

Adriana Karembeu wants to do the best for his lovely Nina. “I don’t see why, after the birth, you should remove the babies from us at night. In the nordic countries, co-sleeping is not condemned. She has her little bed next to mine and, sometimes, she sleeps with me. I have a very large bed with no duvet or pillows, “she stated.

A situation that does not disturb at all the papa of Nina, the businessman of Armenian origin, Aram Ohanian. “He understands very well. You know, in the maternity ward, my husband slept with us. I had to kick him out at 4 in the morning because he lay snoring, and that we had woken up all the two !“, smiles Adriana Karembeu, who married in June 2014.

If Adriana Karembeu is also protective with his daughter, is that she has had to deal with a miscarriage in 2016 , and had even thought of adoption. “My daughter, it is the gift of my life. But I’ll never tell enough to young women : don’t wait to have your first baby, do not follow my example, because it doesn’t always work, unfortunately“, she concludes.

Discover the interview of Adriana Karemebeu in the last issue of Télé Star, dated April 29, 2019.