Apple has hired in February, one of the leaders of the modem 5G Intel

Since February, Umashankar Thyagarajan, one of the leaders in the development of the modem 5G Intel, ferry at Apple. Its card – Linkedin note of the change of employer. Cupertino its new title is still unclear : “Architecture”.

His record shows that he was previously a Senior Director, Project Engineer 5G”, and this since 3 and a half years, and the previous 3 years he has worked as a “Chief Architect, Mobile Platforms”.

The Telegraph reports that in an email co-signed by Messay Amerga (VP at Intel, head of the product development 5G), and Abhay Joshi (VP of Engineering products 4G/5G) that is sent in after the dismissals, Umashankar Thyagarajan was credited with a “key role ” for the chips modem which has equipped the iPhone last year (the first to have fully abandoned Qualcomm). It was presented as the project leader for the development of the modem XMM 8160 which would have had to bring 5G to the iPhone of 2020.

The Telegraph has more details on the behind the scenes of this transfer, which occurred two months before that Apple would go back to see Qualcomm and Intel put in to suspend the development of this modem.

This brings in less water to the mill of the rumor that Apple is working on its own modem, to the point she had in mind to purchase the business design from Intel.