Death of Anemone : Mama cash, she “regretted all his life to have children”

Anemone is dead, taken away at the age of 68 years old with “a long illness“, according to a statement by his agent to the AFP. As the tributes multiply, it reminds us of the malice of this great actress. It must be said that Anemone in the interview, it was an encounter that was not short of salt.

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She conjured up a few years ago, his report particular to motherhood, she has had two children, Jacob (born in 1979) and Lili (born in 1983) – this last was a little girl, Girl (12 years old), that his grandmother was “adorable“. “Children, it eats, it eats, and after it vanishes ! […] When you, you say goodbye to your life, your person, at all !“, let go of it as well at the Gala, in January 2014. His first child, Jacob, is “happened“. Encouraged by his relatives to find him a father, Anemone had set her sights on a man who seemed to have the right profile and who also wanted children. “At 22 years old, I wanted to get tubes tied. I am deflated. But I’ve regretted all my life to have kids“, would she entrust bluntly.

More recently, she complained that her son Jacob was “boring to live so he doesn’t leave the family home, much to the dismay of the actress. “Jacob is rather boring to live, even if there are efforts ! […] The idea that there is bar and I am happy !“, exclaimed it in the program Search apartment or house (M6), who had found a home in paris at his grand-old son at the time of 33 years. “I am a good mother. The poor cabbage, it dreams it’s independent, but he is still a baby… Fortunately, I am here !“, she continued.

It was during an interview with Closer that Anemone explained that Jacob could have been called… Tanguy (and argued that it would have been much happier without children, and lesbian). “I grew up at a time when, if we had not had a child, it was not a real woman. So, we do kids. And we realize that we bananer and that it would have been better off without it“, said the legendary Theresa’s Father Christmas is a junk. In spite of these words it is quite hard, Jacob and Lili have never failed to love : “I’ve never hidden. And they also know that I love them.”