Detective Pikachu more cute than ever in a new trailer

Harry Goodman mysteriously disappears. His son Tim (Justice Smith) and detective Pikachu combine to discover what happened to him. In the streets of the city of Ryme, the two partners will go in search of clues and meet strange creatures.

The mignonnerie in the pure state

On What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, Pokémon : Detective Pikachu unveils itself a bit more. If the time was humour in the previous extracts, the sequence touches a responsive chord, and the wet eyes of Pikachu are not there for nothing. In a trailer for a minute, we can see the creatures the most cute of the Pokémon universe. Carapuces, Bulbizarres and other small animals are part of this adventure that promises to be rich in emotions. We cannot resist in the face of the hug between Psyduck and Pikachu, or when he attempts to comfort a Tim saddened by the disappearance of his father. With its big black eyes, the small creature melts our hearts. From the first images, there is concern for the little beast yellow which looks bad in the arms of Justice Smith.

Ryan Reynolds : Ace of the promotion

To the achievement, Rob Letterman takes the bet to launch into the live action, after having conquered the hearts of the children with the Gang of sharks. To embody Pikachu, the director made a call to Ryan Reynolds. This ace of the promotion goes well, releasing new videos of the movie quite frequently. It’s on his Youtube channel that the interpreter of Deadpool, publish the video. “I’m not crying, it is you who cry” all is said…

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The film should attract our dear little blonde, but the children will certainly not be the only ones in the dark rooms. The fans are rueront no doubt to the cinema to discover this first adaptation of the video game to success. The highly anticipated film will open the world of Pokémon on the big screen next may 8th.