Louis Ducruet at the Pikachu with his brother Michael for his EVG, big atmosphere !

If the burial of life of boy/girl tandem have the wind in stern, Louis Ducruet and his bride Marie Chevallier, who have planned to get married during the summer next to Monaco, have taken this cap separated by thousands of kilometres away ! While the future daughter-in-law of princess Stéphanie of Monaco has exploded in Las Vegas (where, as we all know, what happens there stays there !) and in the Western United States, his man has put the focus on Japan in the company of a team of shock.

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In the first images that the young recruiter and future strong man of AS Monaco in power was unveiled on Instagram, you could see the fine team mode tourism in front of the Sensō-ji temple, the oldest temple in Tokyo. This was just an appetizer, before going on to do full of thrills at the amusement park Fuji-Q Highland, located at the foot of Mount Fuji. The festivities are continuing at the Street Kart Tokyo Bay, and a karting circuit where everything is designed to play Mario Kart in real life !

Surrounded by his friends – there was Spider-Man, Batman, Captain America, Deadpool and even the… Pluto -, Louis Ducruet had chosen to wear the costume of Pikachu, just like his half-brother Michael (27 years), pro of crossfit that we usually see the abs at the air on his account Instagram. The complicity – electrical, in this case – of the two brothers has been staged in several images that Louis and his friends have shared on social networks : “Mama Pikachu” and “Daddy Pikachu” has légendé with humor Toma Sakurai, playing the “baby Pichu”.

Almost done“, wrote recently, with the emoticon ring, the nephew of prince Albert in the head of the list of his bio Instagram update, following his betrothal with Marie Chevallier, his companion for seven years. After having asked the hand of the woman of his life on a beach in Vietnam, it will indeed be very done soon. And if the exact date has not been communicated, there is no doubt that the lovebirds, quick to declare their mutual love Instagram, don’t fail to publicly share their happiness.