Married at first sight 3 : Charline and Vivien en route to a 2nd wedding !

Charline and Vivien have lived an unforgettable experience thanks to the 3rd season of Married at first sight on the M6. Several months after the filming of the program, the two candidates who were consistent in 78% of which are always in torque… and even with pretty projects !

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In fact, Vivien has just announced on its social networks that Charline – who left Carcassonne to live with him in Toulouse, and he would be married a second time, more traditionally. It was during a session of question/answer with fans on Instagram that the young man blurted out : “there will be a renewal of vows yes. Charline waiting for its official application. A wedding with all the family and all the friends.” Also asked about the possibility of having children with Charline, Vivien responded : “We want, that’s for sure, but let’s take our time. We want to first travel, enjoy our lives together. The baby arrives in time (…) let’s Start with one. I’d like to start by a little girl (if it is a little guy, I valid also).

As a reminder, this is during their honeymoon in the Czech Republic followed by the cameras of M6 that Charline and Vivien are truly fallen in love with. Interviewed by a few days ago, Vivien told : “That was a big trigger sentimental for me as for her. We saw things really crazy, which are multiplied by the fact that there are cameras, that one is in beautiful places… It helps, I think, increase a little the emotions. We said that the experts were not mistaken.” And Charline continued : “For my part, too, during the honeymoon, I told myself that it was the man of my life. I never thought I would have such feelings for a person in so little time. It is rare that things like that happen, but it is true that at the end of the stay, I was in love. Yet, four days before, I didn’t know him. It’s pretty crazy as an experience.”