Pete Doherty, the quarantine unexpected : “I lead a quieter life”

Back with a new band and a new album, Pete Doherty gave an interview to the magazine Paris Match of 25 April 2019. The opportunity for the ‘ English to tell his or her absence for almost three years. The Libertines, his new comrades of scene spaniards, the drugs and alcohol… He confides.

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I wanted to be famous, to earn money, to possess everything that a human can have, “he says. And, in my own way, I have succeeded. But I paid the price.” Today, the musician aspires to a more healthy life with his girlfriend Katia de Vidas, at Margate, in Kent : “I drink less, I take less drugs, I lead a life a little more calm. I was 40 years old this year, I would have had to die at 27 years of age according to the legend” A sad club of 27 years, including Kurt Cobain, her dear friend Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix or even Janis Joplin.

Even if it is still close to Carl Barât of the Libertines, the ex of Kate Moss is back this spring with a new group : the Puta Madres. It was during a trip to Barcelona aboard of his motorhome while he was in a slump, that Pete Doherty meets Rafa, a drummer solitary living near a forest : “We gave a concert and Rafa has not understood this as it was happening. He saw that there were plenty of people who knew me as ‘Pete of the Libertines’, he had no idea what it was. For him, I was an English a bit odd living in his motorhome.