Siraba Dembele : Pregnant with her first child with Igor !

Between a title of the champion of the world (December 2017) and European champion (November 2018), Siraba Dembélé lived there a few months ago, a great personal happiness : July 22, 2018, the iconic captain of the France team female handball celebrated her marriage with her lover the former footballer of montenegro Igor Pavlovic, heureusissime day including a few images that attest on their accounts Instagram respective. Less than a year after, the couple welcomed the impending arrival of her first child : “Sira” is, in fact, pregnant !

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This is not about the social networks of the first to be concerned, but via the club Toulon St-Cyr Var, which she joined this season after five years in the East (three in Macedonia, two in Russia), that the information was disclosed : “The captain of the TSCV and the Team of France world champion 2017 Europe 2018 is expecting a happy event and will therefore be removed from the land during the coming months. The whole club wishes all the best to his captain in this new adventure !“, revealed in a tweet the club varois.

Great news for Siraba Dembélé, a little less for the Blue ones, which will have to do without the player the most titled in the history of handball habs to defend their crown in the next World (30 November – 15 December in Japan). It should, however, make his return on the grounds in time to find the group who will return to Japan a few months later to compete in the summer olympic Games of Tokyo (24 July – 9 August 2020) and try to win the gold that has eluded them in Rio in 2016, when the final lost against Russia. A program in which the mother had no doubt already thought about, as she confided to the daily The Team that this pregnancy was anything but a coincidence : “I’m super happy, happy, she said. It was a will and it has happened, know that you are going to be mom, this is awesome. The club has a very good response and I thank you for that because it’s not obvious, I just arrived this year and I miss a good party. I’m going to miss the World cup, but this is not serious, it’s part of the game and I was prepared. I’d like to finish the next season and get back in shape. This is a very, very big challenge, but it is a great year. In my head, I am ready for any eventuality, to work to get back as strong, if not better.

In January 2019, to the favour of the portrait that Release made her, Igor Pavlovic revealed the circumstances of his coup de foudre with the winger of the Blue, at the time when it is evolved under the colors of the river Vardar Skopje Macedonia : “I accompanied a mate whose girlfriend played in the river Vardar. I’ve seen “Sira” on the ground, and she had a lot of style. After the match, I sent him a message on Facebook. She responded three months later, I had even forgotten. I invited her to visit the city, and, for our first dinner, it was as if we knew each other since always. She always puts other before her, “he then confided to the journalist Rico Rizzitelli. You know a baby who will be spoiled with love and attention…