Sunny Garcia in the intensive care unit : the surfer did not hide his ordeal…

As he so well could have happened between the last post Instagram inspiration from Sunny Garcia (Vincent Sennen Garcia, his real name) and the new concern, a few hours later, admission to an intensive care unit in an american hospital, without further precision ? Colorful personality in the surfing world, the surfer hawaiian 49-year-old, world champion in 2000 and six-time winner of the Triple Crown of Surfing (the last time in 2004) that crown the best competitor of the season in three final events in Hawaii, seems to be in a worrying situation, to judge from the press release cryptic of the World Surf League.

A heavy heart, we confirm that Sunny Garcia is currently in intensive care in a hospital [in Portland, Oregon, editor’s NOTE]. Sunny has always been a great champion of surfing, both in the water and outside. Our prayers accompany him and his family in these moments deeply distressing“, said the international federation on Twitter on April 30, 2019.

Sunny, overwhelmed by the clouds of depression and anxiety…

Revered in the surfing world for its presence in the water and outside, “underlines the League on its website, Sunny Garcia had made his debut among the professionals in 1986, Sandy Beach, is paying the luxury to beat then world champion 1984 Tom Carroll, and settled in the top 10 of the world throughout the 1990s before finally landing his only world title in 2000. The website of the daily The Team observes that Sunny also had her share of shadow, known for his temperament brawler, and for chronic problems of depression, he had mentioned in 2014. He spoke regularly on his account Instagram, in all transparency, and with the high (really high) and low (really low) that the people in a state of depression know.

That’s how I feel right now ! Life is what you make it and even if I suffer from depression and anxiety, I savor the moments when I do not suffer, “he wrote positively on the 18th of February last, with the hashtags “fuckdepression” and “fuckanxiety” in the margins of a photo showing any smile. Ten days later : “The depression and anxiety are two things that have become usual in my life lately and, while I try to spend my day facing the two, I can’t help but think of all of you who experience these horrible feelings they cause“, the story-telling about a past episode where he had the impression of being suffocated by a blanket of lead. Or, more recently, on 20 march : “regardless of the type of mental illness from which you suffer, we all suffer in silence and to confront it as best as we can, and most people who are not suffering can not understand the pain and frustration that go hand-in-hand 🙁 I have a wonderful life, I am surrounded by loving people who take care of me, and I travel to beautiful places for surfing but I can tell you that when I dark, nothing of all this does not matter. In these moments, I have the impression that nothing and nobody can help me (…)“, developed it to encourage other victims of depression do not stay alone with their discomfort and talk about it to find support.