Taylor Swift adopts a new kitten, and give him a funny name

The family grew to Taylor Swift ! On social networks, the singer of 29 years has been found to have welcomed a new tenant at his home in new york, a kitten who has fallen in love with its 116 million of followers. Through various publications, it reveals the animal’s first name to be very original from a well known movie. “It is Benjamin Button. He’s a good boy”, she wrote in the caption.

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The kitten is already a real standout because it has been viewed almost 70 million times on Youtube in the new clip of Taylor Swift, Me!, unveiled on the night of April 26, 2019. It turns out that Benjamin has been integrated in the set of the video in the context of a program featuring animals that can be adopted in movies and television. However, Taylor Swift has not been resolved to separate from his small, furry companion and knew that she had to adopt it.

On Twitter, the popstar had teasé the announcement of the adoption and challenged his fans to find the secret hidden in the clip of her new hit : “there’s a secret in the video that I kept for months. Let’s see who gets to find it.” A new adoption for the singer already “mom” to two adorable cats, Meredith and Olivia.

This new single marks the beginning of a new era for Taylor Swift. Exit the clashes and the regulations of the accounts, the singer sings of self-love and affirms his personality loud and clear. “Me ! is a song to embrace their individuality, celebrate and embrace”, said the young woman with the string ABC. No details on the release of a new album has not been revealed, but fans of Taylor Swift will have the pleasure of finding it in the casting of the remake of the musical Cats, which will be released on screens in December.