The Island of temptation 2019 : Who are Lysa and Nicolas, devoured by jealousy ?

Thursday 25 April, The Island of Temptation, returns to prime time on W9, after nine years of absence, with Julie Taton to the animation.

In this edition of the highly anticipated, five couples have agreed to separate the time to live for 12 days and 12 nights with twenty attractive singles. Among the volunteers who have dared to experience, Lysa (22 years old, air hostess) and Nicolas (age 24, real estate agent in Brussels), together for a year. This adventure, Lysa sees it as a way to make it clear to his beloved that he did not need to be so jealous and possessive with her.

In their portrait unveiled on Instagram by W9, Lysa explains : “We met there a little over a year now via a app dating. I’d just gotten out of a relationship, I was not at all in the optical of put me back in a couple in fact, and we realized that we had a lot in common. The feelings arrived. Our relationship is almost perfect. There are a lot of positives… We have big problems with jealousy.” And his little friend to inform : “It was two years ago that I was single, I met a lot of girls. (…) I have a jealousy that is a little out of control even if I trust him. This adventure for me could be a therapy to hard…

Lysa and Nicolas will share the adventure with Medhi and Malika (which no longer has trust in her man after the discovery of suspicious emails), Marie and Julien (a couple with a big age difference), Molie and Kevin (which wants to prove to his beautiful that he has changed and he would not betray more) and Tyla and Jonathan (who live a distance relationship).