The new trailer for Godzilla 2 promises a confrontation muscled between (very) large critters

After the beautiful success of the previous Godzilla, released in 2014, the second installment intends to ascend into power. While the film Gareth Edwards is playing the spectator taking all of his time to unveil the beast, this should be totally different in this sequel, scheduled for 29 may next. This is the ultimate trailer before the output gives the tone.

The film by Michael Dougherty (already behind the comedy-horror Krampus) will confront the famous critter to other mythical monsters. Among them, king Ghidorah, a kind of three-headed dragon, threatens the world with destruction. So that every beast wants to have his cake, humans will have to unite with Godzilla to regain control of our good old Earth, and save humanity in the passage.

While Godzilla Vs King Kong is already scheduled for 2020, this new feature should already put in the scene of jousting homeric between giants taller than buildings.

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A nightmare of an architect who brings together in spite of a cast of high volume We note the presence of Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things), Vera Farmiga (theConjuring), Sally Hawkins (in The Form of water), Ken Watanabe (Godzilla, Transformers) or Kyle Chandler (Super 8). We don’t know everything that this little world going to do to stop this apocalypse, but one has the impression that the star of Stranger Things cultivates a special relationship with this so-called king of the monsters… More than a month to wait.