The treasure Map : A farmer very tucked up against the production

Wednesday, April 24, 2019, Cyril Féraud has announced on Instagram that a new number of The Cards in the treasure was put in a box in The Côtes-d’armor. A turning marked by the dissatisfaction of a farmer. In an interview to our colleagues at Ouest France, Michel Petibois has not hidden his anger against the production.

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While he was not accused, he saw a helicopter landing on the level of its operations, located near the tidal mill of Birlot on the island of Bréhat. “There, I see a person in the team in the middle. It seems to wait for something. When I saw the helicopter in the game arise, I immediately understood what was happening. I was out of me. They are all left running, “he remembered.

When he had been contacted earlier this year by the team of The treasure Map, it was, however, categorically denied that the helicopter could land in his field. He had only been given “a permission for an aerial survey and confirmed by the prefecture“. “I have three cows lactating in this plot. Can you imagine the consequences if they were afraid or if they had escaped ! I am the only one responsible for what happens, “he protested.

Very quickly, Michel Petibois has expressed his anger with the production and even planned to file a complaint. It is, however, soon ravisé : It is done, it’s done. The Point bar. It would be question of an error of the driver. I don’t think so. They knew very well where they put the feet.

The treasure Map is broadcast on France 3 every Wednesday, as a bonus.