Top Chef 2019 : Florian eliminated and in tears, emotions to visit !

Fanny, Paul, Sebastien, Marie Victorine, Ibrahim, Anissa, Maël, Baptiste, Camille, Merouan, Damien … Several candidates have been eliminated from Top Chef 10 (M6), since the launch of the program. Now, Samuel, Alexia, Florian and William vie for their place in the semi-final !

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The flat plant with Alain Ducasse

After the trials of the top flight of the past week, the candidates are again faced with significant challenges. This time, they are going to have to make a dish plant gourmet from a cart of fruit and vegetables taxed. But this is not all : they must be seduced Alain Ducasse, the famous chef with 20 stars, as well as its two chefs Jocelyn Herland and Francis Fauvel, on his boat-restaurant on the Seine, at the foot of the Eiffel tower.

Florian is the only one not to have yet won a pass. It is therefore surmotivé for this event and offers the following recipe : parsnips roast, condiment, walnut-sherry vinegar-carrot-khaki, butter mounted celery-watercress, glazed carrots, and glazed beets. After listening to his candidate from a screen, Hélène Darroze regrets just one thing, that it does not juice or sauce.

On his side, Alexia offers salsify roasted with hazelnuts, jerusalem artichokes roasted, pureed parsnip and tonka beans, a condiment quince-khaki-buckwheat as well as a vegetable broth. The young woman, a fan of cooking vegetable, is very inspired. On the advice of the heads, it adds bitterness to his plate, realizing a vegetable oil base of grapeseed and carrot tops.

Samuel, head in Japan, is in trouble. In Tokyo, he has not the habit of cooking these fruits and vegetables… Her recipe is the following : glazed carrots, curry, chestnut, salsify, parsnips, cooked on the foam, condiment pear from the earth, and beet vinaigrette and carrot tops, and watercress. The chiefs are asking of the roasted, crispy… and Samuel runs in taking the decision to roast the parsnips and jerusalem artichokes.

Finally, Guillaume chooses to work on a broth of celery, a coulis of watercress, glazed carrots, curry, artichokes in barigoule, a chutney of quince and glazed beets. A plate classic that will not surprise Alain Ducasse, as explained in his two heads. The candidate resumes and adds to the fruit juice.

Place the tasting for Alain Ducasse, Jocelyn Herland and Francis Fauvel. Finally, the three leaders agreed and chose a plate ofAlexia, which won its second pass, and so his place in the semi-final !

The cartons with Anne-Sophie Pic

Now, the candidates are rubbed Anne-Sophie Pic, the head is the most starred in the world. Go to Valencia. Their mission is to impress him by performing his famous signature dish : the candy.

Guillaume chooses to put Britain in the spotlight and works a tetra pack of buckwheat, a stuffing and cauliflower cheese, tabbouleh and cabbage, in a broth of vegetables as well as cabbage, kale and verbena.

Florian, decided not to pass up her chance, offers the following recipe : a carton semi-dry stuffing mascarpone-mushroom-goat, mushroom shot, consumed mushroom in the butter coffee.

Samuel is in the originality, hoping to pick up his second pass ! He works a tetra pack juice of beet, a farce beet-banon-smoked bacon, and a broth thai beetroot, lemongrass, ginger, and Sichuan pepper. Small problem, the farce of Samuel is too liquid ! It achieves a béchamel sauce in emergency to thicken the preparation.

It is the time for Anne-Sophie Pic to make his choice. After the wine tasting, she chose the plate of William, who gets his second pass and qualified for the semi-final !

Citrus salted with Mauro Colagreco

Mauro Colagreco, chef italo-argentine of the 3rd best restaurant in the world, imposes a challenge : make a dish salty, citrus-based !

Florian offers a ceviche of lobster, quinoa with oranges and oysters, candied citrus zest and citrus roasted, served with a citrus juice. Hélène Darroze is not satisfied with this recipe, not spectacular enough for a round of the quarter-final. After reflection, Florian takes the decision to carry out a trompe-l’oeil in the shape of a kumquat iced with a coulis of citrus fruits.

For his part, Samuel realizes a puree and balls of pumpkins with orange, grapefruit, a tile of marrows with lemon zest. To accompany the side citrus, the candidate of Philippe Etchebest offers a mullet accompanied by a condiment of argentina, the chimichurri.

After the wine tasting, Mauro Colagreco has preferred the attitude of Samuel, who is completing his second pass and qualified for the semi-finals ! Florian is thus eliminated.