Camilla Läckberg : Divorces, adultery, his children… The author says it all !

Camilla Läckberg is a true celebrity in his native country, Sweden. The author 44-year-old has sold more than 20 million books to police officers around the world. His fans are also captivated by the adventures of her heroine, Erica Falck, that you through his eventful life. Mum of four children born to three different fathers, Camilla Läckberg has refused to breastfeed, which has created controversy in Sweden, where the process is anchored in the mores. The writer has even participated in the local version of Dancing with the stars

Interviewed by Here Bets on may 29, 2019, Camilla Läckberg has delivered on his intimacy like no other. She reveals to have known the “worst betrayal” : to be deceived by the one she loves. “I was confronted with adultery and this is without doubt the worst of betrayals. With treason is financial : that is to say, to abandon a woman without resources“, she explains.

The key to happiness is not to need a man

Camilla Läckberg also discusses her family life, including the values she tries to instill in his children. “My two daughters, Meja, 14, and Polly, 3 years, are real boys missed, while my two son, Willie, age 17, and Charlie, 10 years old, are just sweet. To my girls, I say, of course, never depend on a man for anything ! And to my son, I say it never hurt a woman. Otherwise, they will have a one-way trip without a return (sic) to Siberia, “says the best-selling author.

Today, Camilla Läckberg lives in a relationship with her new boyfriend, Simon, whom she met after having survived three marriages. “The key to happiness is not to need a man. When I met Simon, I had my children, my cats, my career, and I was not looking for absolutely not to have a man in my life. Moreover, the best relationship with a man, it is when you do not look for, when you don’t need him“, she said.

A lesson she learned at her expense and that she tells in her latest book, The golden Cage (Actes Sud). “At the beginning of the book, Faye is a strong and intelligent woman. But the fact of having given everything to this man, to be sacrificed to him the fact that she became someone low. Yes, I have been a Faye at some point in my life, to the extent that I have sacrificed too much and too much of my person. Today, the top of my soon to be 45 years old and after three weddings, I do more things. Besides this book, I couldn’t write that, after three marriages, “she says.

Find the interview of Camilla Läckberg in full in the last number of Here Paris, dated may 29, 2019.