Check out CleanMyMac X : app n°1 to maintain and optimize your Mac 📣

Mac slow startup disk full, apps crashing… Macs are not immune to these little annoyances it if typical. And when it comes to find a software which takes care of the housework in our place, it is clear that CleanMyMac X is very probably the best cleaning software for macOS.

CleanMyMac X is designed by MacPaw. It is a true all-in-one convenient and intuitive interface that provides the user with many modules :

  • The location and the removal of unnecessary files that take up too much space (including hidden files)

  • Reset blocked applications, their management, their removal

  • Cleaning up the history of all your browsers

  • The monitoring of the performance of your Mac, and their optimization

  • It makes the difference between the system files and useless files

  • The analysis and closing apps too intensive for your CPU & GPU

  • The permanent protection of your Mac against malware

In short : this is a comprehensive toolkit, which allows you to solve almost all of the ‘classic’ problems that you may encounter on your Mac, whether it is old or recent. Localized in French, CleanMyMac is to differentiate from MacKeeper, the latter being considered as malware.

The small novelty of CleanMyMac X, it is ” Space Lens “, a module that provides the user with a detailed map of its hard drives in order to make a broom with precision.

Overview of the module Telescope CleanMyMac X

To make it simple, the new module Telescope of CleanMyMac X built in less than a minute a “storage card” detailed, easy-to-explorer from your hard disk. This allows you to quickly know what is taking place or not, and delete items that are “gluttons” if you need to.

Telescope reviews each folder, each file of a drive to expose all of its elements. When the analysis is completed, the module represents them in the form of “bubbles” of different sizes. To discover the most distant corners of a Mac, the user selects a drive in explorer (it can also be an external drive) and simply click on ” Analyze “.

It is a module fast of course, but also intuitive and easy to access, even for users less experienced. On the “card”, the larger the bubble, the more the corresponding data take up space on the hard disk in question. It is passing with the mouse over a bubble that has access to the corresponding files. The module can as well plunge into the “abyss” of your hard drive in order to identify the most greedy, all in a few clicks.

To check and analyze oneself these items, the procedure is simple :

  • Browse through the list with the arrows (>), or by double-clicking (you can go back either by clicking outside of the bubble, either by using the arrows)

  • Click on the bubble that attracts your attention,

  • To preview a waste of space in particular, you can either click on the item to be on the bubble by holding down the control key pressed. It will suffice to select ” quick Preview “.

  • The module can reveal items in the Finder, which is useful.

To delete your own items to remove :

  • We select the box that corresponds on the list or you click on the bubble by holding down the control key pressed,

  • We click on ” Select for deletion “.

In short : Telescope is a module which is useful to make room in a few minutes. The interface is simple, accessible, pretty and fits in well with the ecosystem of macOS. All the more that CleanMyMac X does not delete the file system for the security of the Mac : some essential elements are not accessible by the user.

CleanMyMac is the best cleanup software for macOS

As said above,CleanMyMac X is no longer present. It is an excellent software that cleans and removes unnecessary files (or even undesirable), in order to recover valuable storage space and optimize the use of the Mac.

But outside of the novelty Space Lens, CleanMyMac X has many strengths. Already, it is important to know that the interface has received a nice shot of brush recently : it is a software that fits now very well within macOS. A menulet placed on the menu bar also allows you to have a quick access to the use of the resources of the Mac, such as memory, storage, battery status, cpu load or the network. For novice users, the software also includes a search engine to be relevant, in the case where you would have a question.

An equally important point not to be overlooked : the software protects your Mac from malware (malicious files), ensuring at all times, that your Mac is up-to-date issue vulnerabilities.

CleanMyMac X is evolutionary : according to user feedback, MacPaw updates it by adding new modules and new features. The company is working at the moment on the search for new locations, unnecessary files, the detection of new threats related to the malicious files, the resolution of the problems of accessibility and the addition of acceleration tools additional.

If you want to optimize and clean your Mac CleanMyMac X is now available as a free trial, or never to give it a try ! Question rates, the promotions are in the spotlight at the moment.

You can take out an annual license :

  • For a single Mac 39,95€

  • For two Mac-to-59,95€ (instead of 79,90€)

  • For five Mac 89,95€ (instead of 199,75€)

Either a perpetual license (lifetime) :

  • For a single Mac 79,95€

  • For both Mac 119,95€ (instead of 159,90€)

  • For five Mac 179,95€ (instead of 399,75€)

For info, you can try the software with a money-back guarantee of 30 days. MacPaw also offers a sales and technical support 24h/24, 7j/7. The required configuration is macOS 10.10+ and 145 MB of available disk space.

MacPaw offer many tools : feel free to go take a look at their online shop.

> Clean and optimize your Mac : try free CleanMyMac X !