Faustine Bollaert : “Yes, I’ve resorted to cosmetic surgery…”

It’s a Faustine Bollaert , without taboo, which was invited in the Earth from Saturday (C8) in the face of Thierry Ardisson, Saturday 4 may 2019. Questioned about her use of cosmetic surgery, the facilitator who proved a massive hit in It all starts today (France 2) is explained.

While Baffie Laurent laughed at the bouquet of flowers in the background on the tray It starts today, finding flowers “made of plastic, as its moderator“, Faustine Bollaert has replicated. The wife of the writer Maxim Chatham assured to be “100% natural” !

An assertion that has not completely convinced Thierry Ardisson… The black man of 70-year-old then asked his guest if she had never changed a part of their body via cosmetic surgery. “If, if, if ! But I would not say what“, launched a Faustine Bollaert, stating that it was not a breast augmentation. “This is crazy ! The men, we told them that we did a little trick, and immediately they look at your breasts !“, she exclaimed.

Finally, in the face of a Thierry Ardisson insisting, the nice brunette of 40 years has finished by revealing that she has changed thanks to plastic surgery ! “I had surgery of the eyelids because I had the drooping eyelids“, she entrusted. A confidence without taboo on the part of the facilitator. During the show, Faustine Bollaert also spoke of his happiness to live with her lover, Maxime Chatham, with whom she has two children : Abbie (age 5) and Peter (3 years old).