Game of Thrones : episode 4 is the best of season 8 (to this day) ? One debriefing

***If you have not yet seen the episode, this article contains spoilers.***


If in the dark of the Battle of Winterfell, a lot of characters had perished, it is now time to say goodbye. This opening allows to catch his breath after the Battle of Winterfell. The emotion is there, and as the faces of the missing appear on the screen, as Sansa makes a last tribute to Théon, one becomes aware of the impact of the Battle of Winterfell. With the smoke of the great fire, fly away also our desires for answers. It would seem that one does not know more about the King of the Night, the time is the “last war”.

All is well that ends…

If Game of Thrones has taught us anything, it’s that nothing ends well for our characters and the first to pay the costs, this is Brienne. The spectators were burning of desire to see Jaime and Brienne meet at the screen for a scene of tenderness, and their wish has been granted. The first few minutes of this episode are much lighter and this is not displeasing to us. It’s the return of the essence of Game of Thrones, dialogues, mordants, and of humour on the background of the political struggle. The scene between Tormund Jaime and Brienne makes us smile, even if it is clear that this is only a fan service.

Unfortunately for one just adoubée, the honeymoon was short-lived as Jaime leaves as quickly as it arrived. Maybe to fulfill the prophecy and kill Cersei… If this sequence has delighted the hearts of the fans, she appears as a sweet farewell to one of the characters. The image of a Robb filled of happiness to the wedding purple, Jaime and Brienne could be living their last moments together.

The return of the political game

It was a little bit put aside since the beginning of the season, but the quest for the throne is in full swing. Between games and political tensions, this episode returns to the origins of the series and it is Tyrion who is carving the part of the cake. The character regains her past glory, and the alcohol that is expensive, to develop strategies. He is conscious of it, victory is not assured, and defeat Cersei will be another pair of sleeves. Varys also rather absent so far, is the advocate of the devil and sows doubt in the mind of the benjamin Lannister, as well as in those of the spectators.

Daenerys in turmoil

From the first minutes, the figure of the legitimate queen collapses to leave only a foreigner is lonely and an orphan. In the North, which does not accept as Queen, Dany is found to doubt the loyalty of Jon and his subjects. During an interview between the two lovers, it is no further doubt of her determination to ascend the throne. Dany is more alone than ever and no longer has anything to lose. It will even, in vain, to convince Jon to keep the secrets of its origins.

Don’t tell anyone

After having entrusted his real identity to her lover/aunt, Jon decides to inform the rest of his family. Despite the pleas of Daenerys, the young Targaryen confides in Sansa and Arya, and seals his fate. After having sworn to keep the secret, Sansa is eager to tell his former spouse and sows doubt in the mind of Tyrion. The one that since the beginning appears as the rightful heir no longer, in the eyes of the spectators, and characters. And during the discussion between Varys and Tyrion, all cards are redistributed. This secret will not a and Jon could well go up on the throne, to the place of the one he loves.

The tension is at its peak

He had to hold his breath during this episode rich in rebounding. Far from being only transient, it restarts the quest for the throne. On the list of characters that we saw give up the ghost, Tyrion, and Daenerys are in the lead. If the Battle of Winterfell we caught him not, as the characters seemed to be protected by the deities, the Last of The Stark puts the record straight, no one is immortal. The series manages to surprise us when the first arrow hits Rhaegal. At every moment, the episode takes us out of the gasps of surprise and tears of despair. The writers have managed to distract us with the intrigues between the characters, the better to surprise us. The scene, in its construction, gives the series its letters of nobility.

Cersei from a position of strength

By choosing not to go in the North, Cersei has secured the pole position. Well aware that the dragons of Dany’s are its greatest strength, the Queen Lannister intends to solve the problem, and weapon its fleet of Scorpions, these crossbows giant. The top of the ramparts of Port-Réal, she seems unbeatable and when the axe of the Mountain came down on the nape of Missandei, she is more powerful than ever.

And after ?

The interrogative form is more than appropriate when we talk about the episode 5 of the ultimate season. Daenerys, single face to Cersei and his army, finds himself helpless and his future remains uncertain. If Jon will join the small group, he should put 15 days to make the road to the capital. What will be the challenges of the next few episodes ? Which of Dany, Cersei or Jon will finally go up on the throne ? The series still has two episodes to surprise us…