Game of Thrones has demonstrated ingenuity to avoid spoilers on the episode 4

***Warning this article contains spoilers on episode 4 season 8***

The spectators are left speechless in front of the scene that closed the episode, and it was the reaction expected by the creators. To preserve the surprise, the technical team had to be inventive and make a call to the CGI. The director of special effects tells you about the process in a video making-of.

Spoilers are coming

If the death of Missandei was surprised the spectators, she could very well, without the aid of special effects, to be unveiled well before the release of the episode. The scene that unfolds on the ramparts of Port-Réal, was exposed to the photographers, the viewers and fans of passage to Dubrovnik. “One of the challenges was, of course, the tea. It was incredibly visible from the surrounding area. Our great concern, for this season, even more than the other, was to keep the plot secret. So later on, we added Missandei with a double digital for close-ups, that we filmed separately. The goal is to make people believe that everything has been filmed at the same location.” tells Stefan Fangmeier, responsible for the special effects.

The inevitable death

If the fans would have well passed this conclusion bloody for Missandei, the actors considered it inevitable. “When I read the script, it immediately makes sense. Why would she something when asked to do so ?” says Lena Headey, who plays Cersei. “It’s sad, since she had acquired her freedom, and she resumes. It’s heartbreaking” confides Nathalie Emmanuel who bears the character on the screen since 2013.

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Game of Thrones returns next Monday on OCS in replay and in simulcast with the United States.