Game of Thrones : Who is the best pretender to the throne ?

***Caution spoilers***

Nothing ever happens as expected in the fabulous world of Game of Thrones, and the latest instalment has upset the plot. Becoming the Mad Queen, Dany has reshuffled the cards and many are those who join the party.

Jon Snow / Aegon Targaryen, the rightful heir

With Daenerys, it is the character that everyone saw on the throne for several seasons. The one that was presented as the bastard of Ned Stark, is revealed at the end of the season 7 to be the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. True heir to the throne, he had all the cards in hand to make a good king. If, until now, he was content to refuse the throne in favor of his beloved, the recent actions of the sweet Daenerys might well make it come back on its decision.

Jon has shown he is a good leader. First Lord Commander of the Night Guard, then the King of the North, the young wolf knows how to lead his troops and drew the sympathy of his people. When he rallied the houses of the North to his cause to confront Ramsay Bolton, he becomes in their eyes the true king of Winterfell and its lands. If the confidence is shaken when he comes Peyredragon, it was found during the battle in the face of the walkers white. But here, the character has proven in the past, it does not always make the right choices, some have even cost a life. To do too much confidence, it will undermine his kingdom and his rightful place on the throne.

If Jon had 20,000 men in his army before the battle of Winterfell, it now counts more than 10 000. The battle of Port-Réal has not had to be too lethal on the side of his troops, he therefore has a non-negligible. The remaining houses will also commit certainly to Jon, who will be able to benefit from their military support. Tyrion was not opposed to the arrival of Jon on the throne, he could give him the men of his deceased sister.

Daenerys always in a position of strength

And if the end bitter-sweet was the arrival of Daenerys on the throne ? The one that always seen as the perfect queen went mad and finds himself more alone than ever. If she reigns over Westeros, she will do it in fear. Even without any ally or advisor, Daenerys still holds the largest army in Westeros. The army of Dothrakis has been reduced to 50,000 men, and Daenerys has more than 4,000 clean. His dragon is, without a doubt, the most powerful tool available to the Queen.

By introducing fear, Daenerys ensures a place fragile on the throne. The people, hitherto silent, could turn against the queen Targaryen. If it will kill all of his enemies, Stark and Lannister as the head of the list, it will not be able to shave in the kingdom, and the rebellion could come from the people. These military forces will help him maintain calm, except if a larger army is organized.

Sansa Stark, between Lannister and Stark

She is doing well at the head of Winterfell, and for many Sansa would be queen perfect for Westeros. She learned the political game with Cersei and has the confidence of the North. The young woman has already proven to be cunning to get what she wants, including during the battle of the Bastards. It is far-sighted and does not let itself be misled by its advisers. When with Arya, she condemns Littlefinger, it exhibits a firmness such that it could be the ideal candidate for the iron throne.

Of course, for access to the crown, Sansa will have to appeal to the forces of his brother. Jon if he renounces the throne, will certainly be ready to see reign over Westeros. After all, she has the loyalty of the Stark and the cunning of a Lannister. Sansa, still married to Tyrion will be able to rely on the advice of the one who was hand of the king on several occasions.

Gendry, the last Deer

After you have been a great help during the Battle of Winterfell, the new lord of Lull would be entitled to claim the throne and there is hope that it will. It is, in fact, the only heir of Robert Baratheon. Not really comfortable in a leadership role, it could, however, count on Arya to help him in his task. If she refused his proposal of marriage to go kill Cersei, she might be willing to become queen and help her in her task. For all, Arya is the one who killed the King of the Night and many should have confidence in it. He could not take the throne by force, do not have the military resources. Maybe Jon will refuse the title and will Gendry as king ?

Any one who shall reign, G. R. R Martin promises us an end bitter sweet for all of our characters favorite. The game of thrones, either you win or you lose, and some will die as a result. Cersei has made expenses in the last episode, and will certainly not be the last to die. Game of Thrones will end Monday morning at 3 a.m. on OCS.