Google unveils two tools are quite impressive for persons with hearing or speech

The demo has made its small effect. During the Google I/O just ended, the firm of Mountain View has unveiled several tools that could greatly facilitate the lives of persons with problems of hearing or speech.

The first, called Live Caption, provides the user with a real-time transcription of any audio or video file (Youtube video, podcast, etc) during playback on the device. It will also be possible to use it when you save a file of this type or during a video chat. The most impressive in the history may be that the tool works offline.

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Live Caption should provide valuable assistance to the hearing-impaired. There is however no doubt that individuals with no hearing problem if used too frequently (to see a video discreetly during a meeting that drags on for example).

Live Relay was intended to help people with hearing disabilities to make phone calls. This tool can also provide a real-time transcription of the words of one, that the conversion into audio messages in writing of the other. The text prediction made in Google (like what the group offers in Smart Reply and Smart Compounds) should also fluidifer the device.

The Google I/O 2019 has been rich in announcements. You can already find our test (with video) of the new Pixel 3a. Among the ads that he was not to miss, it should also be noted Google Is and of course Android Q.