Helena Christensen : “Too old” for her sexy look, Naomi Campbell defends it

Why, last week, she decided, at the age of 50 years, landing in the evening of the 24-year-old Gigi Hadid, wearing a strapless black lace of bad taste ?, asks Alexandra Shulman. It is quite possible that she did it to show that it is not finished. It does not go smoothly when it comes to have its moment of attention of the paparazzi. This is understandable, but not wise.

The journalist adds, and concludes : “no matter how your breasts are firm, your legs are beautiful, ( … ), your clothes do not have the same pace as they age because the important thing is the person wearing them. Something that you’ve worn in 30 years will not have the same effect 20 years later. The clothes don’t lie.” Helena Christensen has responded to the publication of the article on Instagram, posting a photo of her with the same body in black.

The Danish wrote in the caption : “You women are beautiful, smart, funny, sexy, hard working, talented, and educators, let us continue to lift us up and support us (…) #OoopsElleaEncorePortéUnBustier“.