Huawei must say goodbye to Android and all Google services : Play Store, Gmail, Maps, YouTube…

After a ticket Reuteurs announcing that Huawei could lose his license Android to the result of the war between the government of Donald Trump and the chinese manufacturer, The Verge confirmed the news.

Second confirmation when the official Twitter account of Android indicates that Huawei shall immediately lose the right to use the next versions of Android and all of Google’s services will be unavailable on the upcoming smartphones of the brand, including the Google Play Store, of course, but also Gmail, Google Maps, or YouTube.

The decision comes at a time when Donald Trump announced last week significant restrictions on us companies in trade with foreign firms that were considered dangerous to the national security, as is the case of Huawei, accused by the americans of spying for the chinese government.

Moreover, in addition to losing Android, Huawei will have to make a cross on Intel and Qualcomm, who have also had to stop any relationship with the chinese manufacturer after the us decision. This should be less impacting for Huawei, who manufactures since several years its own chips for its products, even if Intel supplies chips for servers, as well as the processors for the laptops of Huawei, and Qualcomm provides a couple of chips designed for mobile from the chinese manufacturer.

With the discontinuance of Google services at Huawei (Honor), the chinese brand is going to have to find an alternative. The firm has been working for several years on an operating system home, and announced last march that it was ready if such a situation were to happen.

In addition, waiting to deliver his alternative “home” Android, Huawei can always use the open source version of Android AOSP, but the brand will not rely on Android Q, the next major update to the mobile operating system of Google.