Jessica Thivenin pregnant and disgusted : his belly causes him worries

Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia will soon be parents for the first time. The star of reality tv that is already assigned on the consequences of her pregnancy on her moral new revelations. This time it was a little nettled. Explanations.

In his story Instagram, the star the Marseilles has published a photo, which has to delight his followers : his belly which is much rounded. Since the last publication which we saw very well (it dates from the 28 April), her baby bump has grown. Result, more or almost nothing-goes to Jessica Thivenin.

On Snapchat, the star has entrusted to us for his taxi that would take him in a famous restaurant in Dubai : “I have tried fifty outfits, because I couldn’t find something that never hugs me (…) It made me upset not to be able to dress me up. I feel that this story is going to be complicated. I had not expected.
Fortunately, she found an outfit in white, which has been the case and that, good news, it still meant the margin.

Jessica Thivenin should so soon change her wardrobe and complement them with clothes of pregnancy. There is no doubt that she will be able to still find pieces to his taste and that he will, as always, to put its assets of physical value.