Josiane Balasko and Didier Bourdon are becoming parents-in-law !

After having been the screenwriter of Back to my mother’s house with Josiane Balasko, Héctor Cabello Reyes has the pleasure of working with the great French actress, but this time as a director. He signed the film in-laws, whose trailer has just been unveiled. To the side of the famous sun-Tanned, an illustrious Unknown : Didier Bourdon.

The story : Hill and Andrew are in perfect harmony with their daughter, Garance, and their son-in-law Harold. But Garance separates of Harold, and ordered his parents to never see again. Step-parents cannot resolve it : it has dropped, but not them ! They will have to lead a double life in order to continue to see their son-in-law loved it, hiding it from their daughter, who is not going to let go…

To embody the young ex-couple, the production has focused on the actor-singer Bruno Bénabar, currently at the poster for Victor and Celia, and Charlie Bruneau, alias Roxane of the series of M6 family. We will also have the pleasure of seeing Bruno Salomone that we loved in Do not, do not do it, for nine seasons.

Parents-in-law, in cinemas June 19, 2019