Koh-Lanta 2019 : Brice and Sophie eliminated, settlement of accounts to the board !

After the surprise elimination of Beatrice last week, Koh-Lanta, the war of the heads continues on TF1. This Friday, may 10, 2019, the adventurers remaining moving in pairs during the game of comfort, the immunity challenge… and the board ! If a candidate is eliminated, his team-mate is automatically, because their fates are linked. Summary of this new episode.

Game comfort

The Yolks have still not digested the brutal departure of Beatrice, their former head. On their side, Angélique and Nicholas, who voted against the other, have put things flat. And in the face of the strategy unexpected Blue against them, they seem to be more fused than ever. It is now set that they want to move forward. Formation of pairs in the draw : Maud with Cyril, Angelic with Mohamed, Steeve with Maxime, Cindy with Nicholas, Sophia Brice, Clo with Aurélien.

The winning pair wins a cruise on a luxury catamaran. During this night of dreams, they will enjoy a dinner of meat skewers, and lobster. After a night in a real bed, they will be entitled to a breakfast.

After the obstacle course, all were waiting for : the legendary event of the wine tasting is back ! One member of each duo must pick up its share of delicious dishes on a table. It is in tandem that the adventurers must chew in to coconut, beetles, larvae, cockroaches, bed bugs, shellfish flesh is sticky and a look of barracuda…

Steeve and jimmy as well as Cindy and Nicholas stand out and are the last in the fray. Finally, it is the beautiful Cindy and Nicolas, determined as ever, who win the game in comfort !

Back at the camp, Angelique opens. After the departure of Beatrice, the young woman reveals a new facet of her : her positive attitude. And the least we can say is that this appeals to her comrades.

For their part, Nicholas and Cindy are going to enjoy comfort of the dream. The perfect opportunity to talk strategy and they decide to vote against Maud and Cyril, if they don’t win immunity. The latter, which has a collar, and reveals his secret to his teammate, relieved.

On the camp, the buddy system red console his friends by preparing a nice setting for dinner. Besides, the adventurers realize that Beatrice had under-estimated the portions of rice remaining. And the strategies are : Cindy and Nicolas are in danger ! Clo tells his girlfriend Cindy what is going on in his back, and this last announcement to Clo and Mohamed that it has a collar.

Immunity challenge

The adventurers are going to have to, in the middle of the ocean, throwing coconuts, which need to land in a basket. It is from a beam that they throw themselves in turn. Each pair must successfully put six coconut, one-half each, in his / her shopping cart.

Against all odds, it is Maud and Cyril, who won the race !

Cindy, nettled by the strategies of Brice against her and Nicholas, decides to show his immunity necklace to his comrades. All are now aware of his secret. Faced with Clo who reveals his words, Brice disclaims, and assumes nothing. Facing the camera, it melts into tears, realizing his mistakes.


Note that three pairs are protected tonight. Maud and Cyril have won immunity, Cindy and Nicolas have a collar, as Steeve and Maxime. Information that is not negligible also : Steeve has a double vote.

Before the votes, the board turns to the settlement of accounts. Cindy complains that Brice does not assume its strategy against it. It also puts things clear with Maxim, which she thinks prepared to betray them.

Without surprise, Brice was eliminated. In his fall, he leads Sophie.

Yesterday evening, TF1 is hoisted at the head of the hearings, thanks to Koh-Lanta. 4.3 million viewers were in front of their position, or 20.6%, according to Médiamétrie.