Koh-Lanta 2019 – Sophie eliminated : “My body has changed, it has been hard for me,”

Sophie has made the costs of the strategies undesirable of Brice in Koh-Lanta, the war of the heads (TF1) Friday 10 may 2019. Then that his destiny was linked to the adventurer, the single mom was eliminated in spite of it. With Purepeople.comshe explained not wanting his friend, and a book on his experience.

How did you feel when you were eliminated ?
It always hurts the heart to be eliminated, it does not lie. But as we can see on the board, I’m not that desperate. We knew that it was going to happen. I am proud to have been a great adventure and I’m also a little sad for Brice, because that one part in two.

Did you have wind of the strategies against Brice ?
We knew that Cindy had left her necklace in the day. So we knew that we were in danger, it was calculated the number of votes potential against us. We ran a big risk by going to the council and it has not missed.

Want-you-to-your classmates have voted against your buddy ?
Everyone asks me if it hurts me to the heart to be eliminated by Brice. Except that I’m not eliminated by Brice, the other knew very well that they voted against me also. It was just a formality, the name on the paper. After saying that I want to, not. It’s still a game. The strategy itself has been good. Brice was a strategist, he wanted to, he lost. I am not a long memory for old mistakes, I don’t want to person.

Want you to Brice for you to result in its fall ?
No. He is much younger than me, he had a desire to play, to test. And then finally his strategy in itself was not so bad. If the Clo had not been in a relationship so strong with Cindy, it would have been able to walk. Brice has under-estimated the relationship of trust of the two girls.

After the departure of Beatrice, do you believe that it was the end of your adventure ?
The next morning after the council and the departure of Beatrice, we see that I am not well. I wanted to, I was super disappointed. It was the most intense moment of my adventure, I had the feeling that the ground was collapsing. I felt betrayed, I realized that it was really in the pure strategy, I felt silly. It has been hard emotionally. They are all there to move out of the ointment, and as soon as the opportunity presents itself, they will plant a knife in the back. I was assigned but after I got up. I could continue the adventure.

How did your integration at the residence of the final jury ?
Beatrice was too sad to see me arrive. But after we are in the house ! It has allowed me to see Alexander, with whom I had not much exchanged during the adventure. He became a great friend. We had a good time. This is another adventure in the adventure. We played Boggle, we had small competitions, it was actually words that arrow also. And then we had the right to stand-up paddle and with the waves it was, I’d need to be standing on a board ! I’ve done a lot of yoga, I awoke Alexander to the rising of the sun to be together, I’ve initiated.

What has been the most hard on the camp for you : hunger, hygiene, the lack of close relatives, the fatigue ?
The lack of my small, without hesitation. It was very hard. But there is also boredom. One does not necessarily realize it at the tv as the moments filmed are not all what we saw. We are active to find wood for the fire, food… But it doesn’t take all day either. It has a lot of moments of introspection. Some were positive, others less so…

Have you lost weight ?
Yes I have lost weight. I haven’t been able to weigh myself while away, but I had to lose between 8 and 9 pounds. I’ve picked it up very quickly ! I was rather pleased with my weight loss and actually I am greedy, I have not been able to stop me ! It was a disaster (laughs) ! I had a hard time finding the satiety, I had all the time hungry. The body stores not bad also. My body has changed a lot too, it was very hard for me. It is distended and not evil. I have always paid attention to me and there with the fatigue I have not done enough sport… My line has changed. Today I am trying to get more attention so it’s strict diet even if it is not easy every day.

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