Kylie Jenner engaged to Travis Scott ? The (big) ring that sows doubt !

After a baby, marriage ? Kylie Jenner was left to hover in the rumours of engagement with Travis Scott, by publishing a story on his account Instagram, Friday, may 3, 2019. While she was promoting her brand (which has made him a billionaire at the age of 21), the youngest Kardashian has hinted at a ring that is very imposing on her left ring finger. It was not necessary any more to start the rumors of sacred union between a business woman and the rapper, who proved a massive hit with his album Astroworld.

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Kylie began her romance with Travis Scott, 28 years old, in 2017, a few days after ending his long relationship with the rapper Tyga. Fans of The Incredible Family Kardashian the know, the pretty brunette has always wanted to be a mom. A project that she has been able to achieve with Travis, who happens to be an excellent father for Stormi (1 year), she has also recently mentioned the idea of having a new child. “Watching you evolve as a partner, friend, son and father that you are today is fulfilling. I love you and I’m so proud of you. Let’s make love everywhere and let’s make another baby“, had written Kylie Jenner on his account Instagram, on the occasion of the anniversary of its half. Travis had replied : “I love you my good to marry/mom. We will rage forever, “with an emoji of a bride, a planet and a rocket. All the elements seem therefore to converge towards the confirmation of betrothal.

The pregnancy of Kylie has been one of the best kept secrets of the Twenty-first century“, had reacted to Kim Kardashian, impressed, in an episode of their reality tv show. Kylie would have developed a talent to keep big news a secret. Person knew nothing of her pregnancy until the day of the birth of his adorable Stormi, on February 1, 2019, when it had published a video chronicling the nine-month period. Maybe apply the same policy about their marriage ?