Meghan Marke mom : What title and rank for the child ?

Since the announcement of her pregnancy, Meghan Markle has been scrutinized on a daily basis, and her every move has been analyzed, dissected and often compared to those of another as a member of the british royal family : Kate Middleton. Became a mother, the wife of the prince Harry is going to be able to stay a little away to take care of her baby at Frogmore Cottage, where she gave birth in privacy.

Since the birth of the little boy, the doubt is cast on the title that it’s going to get. We know already that it will not be a prince because that title is reserved for the direct descendants of the main line of succession, but the queen may, however, make an exception to the rule if it wishes. The child should be a Lord.

Our colleagues from RTL, who have studied the question, provide more details. “The male primogeniture prevails still for the other titles such as the duchies. Only a son could inherit the dukedom of Sussex, and his eventual wife would become the duchess of Sussex. If Harry and Meghan came to have a daughter, she could not be duchess, and pass the title of duke to her husband,“they write.

On the other hand, we already know that this child takes the seventh place in the order of succession to the british throne, currently occupied by the indefatigable queen Elizabeth II. A throne on which she has served since 1952 – the coronation of not having it, however, took place only in 1953. Behind her, found his son the prince Charles, and then his grandson prince William, duke of Cambridge, and then the three children : prince George of Cambridge, the princess Charlotte of Cambridge and prince Louis of Cambridge. Finally, there is prince Harry, the duke of Sussex.

Meghan Markle, who started dating prince Harry in 2016, has been married in the past to the producer Trevor Engelson. To celebrate her first pregnancy, she has organized two baby showers, including a very expensive New York

Thomas Montet