Mel B : that was Transported to the hospital after having “completely lost the vision”

Mel B has been rushed to the hospital, Friday may 17, 2019. According to the information of the Sun, she would have lost vision in one eye, only a few days of the tour is very much expected of the Spice Girls. The singer of 43 years would be arrival at the hospital, Moorfields, specialising in the treatment of the eyes. She would have said to the medical team present on the ground that she was “completely blind“, unable to “see anything in the tout”, after having lost the vision of his right eye.

Everything would be better if Mel B could see of his left eye. Only, she has lost the vision of that eye during a laser surgery, there are more than 20 years. It is not clear if the problem is suffering today Mel B is linked to his loss of vision in the past. A source close to the Spice Girl to have told the Sun : “Mel is the most misunderstood. The other girls and their managers are very concerned. Mel was a little freaked out and screamed that she could not see anything.” But more fear than harm for the singer, it is then said that Mel B was able to get out of the service of ophthalmology of the hospital, after having recovered the sight. A spokesman for the british group, said : “Everything is under control. Mel is looking forward to doing the tour”.

A tour of twelve dates british is thus provided. It will commence on the 29 may 2019 the Eihad Stadium in Manchester, to be completed in mid-June with three dates at Wembley stadium, in London. Even without Victoria Beckham, the 600 000 seats available for the tour of the Spices Girls were sold in a few minutes.