Pierre-Ambroise Bosse : A fine required against the champion after his fight

As reported by AFP, a fine of 500 euros has therefore been required on Tuesday, 30 April 2019, at Bordeaux, against the world champion of 800 m, Pierre-Ambroise Bosse.

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The athletic 26-year-old was charged with “violence with the use or threat of a weapon, in this case a beer bottle, does not result in TTIS” (total inability to work). The maximum sentence for this type of offence is three years in prison. In contrast, six-month suspended prison sentence were required against his opponent, an ex-linebacker 26-year-old, during a drunken night out ended with a violent fight. His vis-à-vis, also present at the hearing, he was tried for “abuse by persons in a state of drunkenness which resulted in a ITT of 18 days“. He faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

As a reminder, on August 30, 2017, three weeks after his title at the World championships in London, Pierre-Ambroise Bosse showed up on his account Facebook you have been the victim of a “violent assault night three days earlier on the parking lot of the casino of Gujan-Mestras, near Arcachon (Gironde), where the athlete had celebrated his gold medal with childhood friends. The athlete, “rang” of a punch and then focused down by several kicks, had been impressive, trauma to the face, found after a sudden loss of vision in the left eye, and put an end to his season, which was nevertheless at its end.

Shortly after, a suspect was indicted for the beating, but filed a complaint in turn, accusing Pierre-Ambroise Bosse of having started the altercation. The athlete himself was then put under examination, and the investigating judge remanded the two men in criminal court. During this trial, the two men have each asked for money : 700 000 euros have been claimed by the defense to Bump in damages and interest for losses professional meetings are not required, health care, loss of sponsorship, personal injury, moral damages…. Conversely, the other party has claimed 3 000 euros in damages and interest.

Kicker, licensed from 2018 at the Lille Metropole Athétisme, said after the hearing that his maturity sport remained the defence of his title at the World championships in Doha (28 September to 6 October).

The prosecutor Sophie The Angevin asked the tribunal to condemn both, but with a big difference in the penalties required. The judgment has been reserved may 28.