Some movies purchased on iTunes to pass mysteriously from the 4K to HD

This grave evil while Apple has just launched its new app to Apple TV : several customers of the iTunes Store saw a degradation of the quality of the 4K movies purchased on the shop — they no longer appear in HD. Kristopheman has made the unfortunate experience, in the movies The Matrix and the series of Harry Potter, bought in 4K, are no longer available in its library in HD…

22 Jump Street was normally offered in 4K.

This episode of Harry Potter is still sold in 4K, while in the library of some customers, the film is no longer offered in HD.

A lot of films from the studio Warner Bros. are concerned (a list was first established on the forum.blu-ray), but the back button also feature films that Columbia, MGM, 20th Century Fox, and other studios still. According to Joe Cheveney who has requested explanations from Apple support, the Apple there would not be for nothing, it would be every time a decision of the studio. Given the number of publishers involved, this looks like clearly a bug. All that is still available on iTunes some of the films concerned in 4K…

Update — news just posted that already, the 4K movies passed oddly in HD, are back in 4K in the library of many customers ! Kristopheman and Macnewbie007 we confirm for their purchases. It was obviously a very nasty bug 😅.