The screen LG Slim 5K is no longer for sale on several Apple Store

Apple begins removing the screen LG Slim 5K of its Apple Store, shortly after having done the same for the model 4K.

In the United States, has noticed MacRumors, the screen is shown as sold out. A ride on a few of the Apple Store shows that the movement is underway : in Canada, for example, it is no longer available online or by collection in a Store. Ditto for Hong Kong.

Sold out in Canada, as in the USA

Conversely, it is always in Australia, Japan and across Europe. This is the case of France, where it is always 1 399 €, delivered within 24 hours (withdrawal in store impossible). But I bet that its days are numbered.

The model 4K was withdrawn from circulation after the mid-April. These two screens are released at the end of 2016. We now expect, Apple’s a solution designed to part in internal and able to support the next Mac Pro and MacBook Pro.