Wikipedia launches on the hunt for fake news on ecology

Credits JDG

In the Face of fake news (or infox in good French) regularly relayed on the subject of global warming, Wikimédia France (belonging to the grouping Wikipedia), the foundation Digital New Deal and the French-speaking Union decided to team up to launch the device “Stop the Infox”.

“In the Face of infox, the solution may indeed not be only institutional type, because any official declaration, whatever its form, is, unfortunately, that stir up the spirits distrustful of the media and strengthen the complotistes” – Release #Stopauxinfox

Based on the combination of artificial intelligence and an intelligence known as the collective, the tool thus promises to go further than a simple awareness campaign, “proposing a device that anchors in time the fight against the manipulation of information”. Concretely, the device will first submit the information to an algorithm capable of automatically determining their level of reliability.

Credits Digital New Deal

This information will then be analysed collectively by a human community of nearly 18,000 contributors French, before being offered to our media partners, who will relay the information to the public. An initiative for the moment confined to the topic of ecology, which is regularly targeted by the fake news, but which could, ultimately, be deployed in a widespread manner to subjects much broader.