Bird launched its first moped electric

With its battery with a capacity of 52 volts, the Cruiser will provide the driver with an autonomy of 80 miles. Significant to go quietly to their destination without too much force.

A screen and a big battery

as one would expect from a moped (including brakes and… a seat) this vehicle is equipped with a LCD screen that will display many information, starting, of course, the speed and remaining battery life. In addition to the pilot, the Cruiser can carry a second passenger.

Bird is there for the technical data sheet unfortunately. It is not known as well the maximum speed, but the company indicates that the equipment will comply with the limitations laid down by the various laws in force (the bike will probably not be over 50 km/h).

Similarly, it is unclear what is the constructor that will provide the Cruiser to Bird. The company is in the habit of doing business with Xiaomi, Segway-Ninebot or Okai for its scooters. This bike will make its appearance in a few cities, sorted on the pane as soon as this summer. But Bird does not specify what will be the happy elected.

Bird is no lack of activity lately. The company has recently announced the One, a scooter top of the range sold to individuals (1.299 $ all the same).