Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin : It displays and is finally his alliance !

After his tempestuous relationship with Selena Gomez,Justin Bieber finally seems to have calmed down in the arms ofHailey Baldwin. The couple, a friend since childhood, had met for the first time in 2009. It is the father of Hailey in person, who had presented, without suspecting at the time, necessarily, of the potential of this meeting. A few years later, the duo has arranged a marriage express , (September 2018) behind closed doors to seal his love. Accomplices, they post a lot of photos on their respective accounts.

To present you his covenant, which he doesn’t wear all day, Justin Bieber chooses, as usual, a pose a bit special. In the Face of the goal, he takes the pose of the Thinker of Rodin, with a hand on his head. Thus, the ring is well visible. Bling bling for some, or completely in others, the ring is a size large. A way to shout loud and clear to all his fans that Don Juan has finally found a spot and happy ?

Comments abound and a lot of fans are conquered by this alliance. Beyond the simple jewelry, some dare to even speak of the marriage of Justin and regret his behavior vis-à-vis his wife : “You refuse to give him a real marriage. (…) The LEAST you can do is wear an alliance all day. Be serious. Act like a true husband. You treat your wife with such a lack of respect.” Another follower qualifies even this marriage of “fake“. In fact, a ceremony is planned to celebrate as it should the union of the lovebirds, but it has been postponed many times because of the depression of the young man. Anyway, Justin seems to get better and will now be able to think of, and organise the famous party.