Line Papin embarrassed by the broadcast of images of his meeting with Marc Lavoine

Line Papin was only 23 years old, but is already proving to be a great novelist. His first two books have been very well received by critics and audiences, who greet unanimous the feather delicate this young author. After a stint in The Large Bookstore where she conjured her anorexia, the young woman has been promoting her third novel, the Bones of The girls, on the plateau of C à vous (France 5), Thursday, June 12, 2019.

Line Papin did not expect probably not what the team of C to you evokes her relationship with Marc Lavoine. Since 2016, the writer and the singer are living a romance they have deliberately chosen to little to publicize. A few days ago, the artist of 56 years , revealed to Tv Recreation to be “very much in love, confident that his meeting with Line Papin was “the most important” of his life. The first words that they exchanged, in fact, were repeated yesterday in the emission France 5, in front of the main interested visibly embarrassed.

An excerpt admits that she never having then listened to it again. “I didn’t know you had it in a box, “she said with a laugh, embarrassed. At this time, she didn’t really know the work of Marc Lavoine, neither his films nor most of his songs. “Little by little, I’m trying to catch up with my shortcomings. It is true that I never made retrospective complete, so I don’t know everything. But I find it good to discover the artist on the one hand, and then the man on the other hand, “explains Line Papin, who admits all the same, of course, know the tube The Eyes revolver.