Meghan Markle : Izzy May, the discrete new best friend of the duchess

Meghan Markle has a new best friend, revealed on June 9, 2019 edition Sunday the Daily Mail – and, no, this is not the duchess Catherine of Cambridge, with which it hardly seems to have atoms hooked : in full discretion, some Izzy May have taken a preponderant place in his new life in the United Kingdom, to the point of becoming the “rock-secret” on which she can rely for her existence has shifted into the kingship.

It would have almost been able to guess, the discovering to the arms of the staple of Markus Anderson and then the led installed in the second rank at the wedding of prince Harry and Meghan Markle in Windsor, with Clooney, Serena Williams and other Oprah Winfrey, that Izzy May was not anyone to the duchess of Sussex. But, at the time, this 40 year old woman who works as a press officer for David Beckham was still totally off the radar. No activity on the social networks, not advertising on his activities and friendships in high places…

A privacy which makes it the… confidante ideal, precisely, to the wife of the prince Harry : “Izzy is the one of the friends most dear to and most intimate Meghan, for that their friendship means a lot. The time they spend together is private. Izzy keeps their relationship in silence and out of sight“, is left to say recently, columnist show-biz Katie Hind. The two women would be granted to keep to reports purely friendly and not to discuss the professional life of the duchess of Sussex, history to avoid any potential conflict of interest.

Izzy May be the BFF and Markus Anderson, the matchmaker

Izzy May is entrance into the life of the former american actress in 2017, when the latter has abandoned his career and left Toronto, where she was living since the beginning of the series Suits, of which she was a protagonist, to settle in London with prince Harry, to devote themselves to their love story and prepare themselves to be part of the british royal family : “Izzy has helped Meghan to adapt to life in London when she arrived in Canada, thus explains the same source. Meghan gets plenty of rest on it. These are two girlfriends, like any young women can be. They mutually support each other and together make a whole bunch of social activities.

Adjuvant essential in the beginning of the romance between Meghan, of which he is very quickly appeared as the best friend, and Harry, Markus Anderson, who works for the group owner of the establishments Soho House, is the one who introduced them one to the other. Izzy May have known in the course of his work within the public relations agency london Freuds, whose Soho House is a client. She is also the girlfriend of Nick Jones, patron of the same group, which was set in September 2018 in a private jet at the disposal of the duchess of Sussex so that she could take part in the inauguration of a new address in Amsterdam, the netherlands. In 2011, Izzy May has been entrusted with the post of head of the communication of the brand Burberry, which has since used the image of Romeo, and Brooklyn Beckham, before taking in 2018 the direction of the marketing within DB Ventures, the company of David Beckham. This last was with his wife Victoria among the guests of the wedding of Harry and Meghan, which has already been worn several times parts of the creative English.

It’s a small, small world…