Specials : Wi-Fi mesh Netgear Orbi from 192 €

Amazon reduced the price of a selection of products Netgear today and in the lot, there are several Orbi, kits for routers that allow you to benefit from a Wi-Fi network mesh. Depending on the size of your home, you privilégierez rather one or the other of these solutions, but if you need a speaker connected, this is the RBK50V that will interest you.

This kit is composed of a main router and a satellite, which has the particularity to be also a speaker. The audio part has been designed by Harman Kardon, and integrated microphones to be used with Alexa, the voice assistant Amazon. If you have a Spotify account, it can also be used to play music in streaming.

It is also (above all ?) a Wi-Fi system, with a theoretical coverage of 300 m2 according to the manufacturer. You can extend the basic system with other satellites, WI-Fi, if you need a coverage largest. The whole thing is sold to 370 € today, € 100 less than the base price.

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