Vanilla, the daughter of Julien Clerc released his 1st album : “My father is afraid for me,”

June 7, 2019, a new artist, some Vanilla, unveiled his first album : Follow the sun. A challenge all the more difficult to meet, when there are known relatives, because this young woman of 31 years also happens to be the daughter of Julien Clerc. Doubts that it has entrusted to Tv Entertainment, the June 8, 2019. “He is very worried, he was afraid for me, he knows that, as a ‘daughter of’, I’m expected at the turn. But, while remaining discreet, and without wanting to play the mentors, he has exchanged with me on the compositions. He has helped me while putting me on guard, “said the young artist.

No doubt, Vanilla evokes much of the family in his first album, including the separation of his parents. She dedicated her title to The Children of the love “toall the children of the divorced“. “As for me, when my parents [Julien Clerc and Virginie Coupérie-Eiffel, editor’s NOTE] were divorced, I was 14 years old, but my brother, he was only 5 years old. I did everything I could to protect it but I had the reverse of the medal by the following…“, she says.

His father is very worried, however, Vanilla had the best training, in particular by making the first parts of Marc Lavoine. “I went with my guitar playing in cosy bars to parisians as the in roads of the bordeaux region, in the middle of guys drunk ! It has been my The Voice to me. Then, I assured the first parts of Marc Lavoine and, again, we had to go look for a public who had not come for me. It is a trainer“, she rejoiced.

Already in September 2018, Vanilla mentions the invaluable assistance that his father had made during the making of this first album. “I first explained that he had started at a different time, that the business was hardened, as more and more young people wanted to sing. He was worried. And then he listened very carefully and encouraged me. We talk a lot about composition, his true passion, and it brings us a lot“, she had entrusted to the Gala. We wish him much success.