Xavier Pincemin (Top Chef) breaks the codes with Mamadou Sakho and Mokobé !

Associate of the nose to a taco, it was necessary to dare. Xavier Pincemin has done, in collaboration with Mamadou Sakho and Mokobé.

The origin of the opening of nine restaurants TacoShake, all of which have seen the light of day in the space of a year, Mokobé has chosen the most prestigious avenue of the world to the tenth. The rapper, 43, a founding member of the 113, is a partner to Mamadou Sakho, but also the winner of season 7 of Top Chef. They were all present on June 10, 2019, for the opening of the restaurant, a great evening of fast food carried out in the presence of many personalities : Ayem Nour, Roschdy Zem, Lilian Thuram and his girlfriend Kareen Guiock, Djibril Cissé , Claudia Tagbo, Valérie Damidot, but also the couple formed by Maeva Martinez and Marvin Tillière, two candidates, one of Moundir and Apprentices Adventurers 4 (W9), and Paga des Marseillais (W9).

During the evening, Purepeople.com has traded with Mamadou Sakho and Mokobé. “It is a big brother to me. We share the same values, we see almost all the time when I’m in Paris“, has entrusted us with Mamadou Sakho, who plays in the colours of the club from Crystal Palace in England. Mokobé has confirmed that this brotherhood that unites them : “It is a little brother, but before all it is is a good example. There is an amazing friendship between us.

Although is very busy to delight the guests with her taco, truffle Xavier Pincemin has taken the time to explain to us how was born his collaboration with Mamadou Sakho and Mokobé : “We are friends, we met through other artists. I won Top Chef in 2016, but I really like the urban side.” For the winner of season 7, which will open in a few days its second gourmet restaurant in Versailles, breaking the codes in the kitchen and “make our culinary art accessible to everyone” is “very important“.

Interview by Olivia Maunoury.

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