Xiaomi is back in more detail on its front-facing camera below the screen

Source : @Xiaomi

At a time when most manufacturers are trying by all means to pass of the notch, such as Oppo and its Reno to the shark fin, the OnePlus 7 Pro and its camera system, retractable, or even the Mid Mix 3 and its slider, it would appear that nobody has yet found the perfect solution.

It could come from Xiaomi. The chinese manufacturer, known for its quality / price ratio unbeatable, has presented a prototype of a smartphone without notch, punch, or other slider at the same time as its direct competitor, Oppo. In these two ads, the camera is totally invisible and hides itself under the slab OLED device. A technical achievement which could well move the notch to an old unpleasant memory.

Oppo has indicated that its system of camera under the screen is not yet fully developed. As explained by Endgadget, the vice-president of the brand, Brian Shen, has stated that this technology was not for now, because ” it is difficult for the cameras under the screen to get the same results as the cameras normal, it is inevitable that the optical quality decreases “.

On the other hand, Xiaomi has proved to be much more optimistic about its process in order to remove the camera under the screen, and the details now more widely on Twitter.

On his Twitter account, the vice-president of Xiaomi, Wang Xiang, has published technical information on the camera invisible unveiled a few days earlier in the video.

The chinese manufacturer indicates that this system is possible thanks to a slab OLED transparent opacity around the front-facing camera is reduced when the sensor selfie is requested. Said sensor is used for the demonstration is a sensor of 20 megapixels without lens, since it is the glass of the screen that serves as the objective in this case. Xiaomi concluded by stating that his system is ” the ultimate solution “ in order to experience a borderless, without any compromise.

One thing is for sure, the manufacturer has hit hard with this demonstration. Now all that remains is to test a product equipped with this system, promising to have the heart net. The mark has not said when it will begin selling a smartphone with front camera under the screen, but we should probably see the arrival of this system in the next year from the manufacturer.