Pascal Praud on the verge of tears live because of his daughter Faustina

The time was the emotion in the show , the Hour of The pros on CNews on 5 July 2019.

The presenter and journalist Pascal Praud (54 years old) could not hide his emotion while he had just learned a few moments earlier that her daughter Faustina had just taken his bachelor’s degree. While its columnists asked him for news, he dropped the wet eyes : “Faustina has the tray.” An announcement that triggered applause in the tray.

Pascal Praud, whose daughter 19-year-old has followed an atypical curriculum, has then continued : “really Need to salute this school which is called the Diagonal, which is an extraordinary school where children who are sometimes in difficulty, who are dyscalculiques, dyspraxiques, etc, it’s accompanied by. The four children that have been presented in this school Diagonal, which is in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, took the tray. You don’t imagine as these children struggle to get the tray. You can not imagine how it would have been a tragedy for these children specifically not to have it. So, it’s wonderful ! It is also great for their parents who are very happy…

A sequence moving that was obviously much moved by the viewers, the latter being more accustomed to the about controversial journalist and tv host. On the 6th of last may, he had attracted the ire of many French accused the environmentalist Claire Nouvian to give an image of “hysterical” of his thought… The CSA had also received many reports.

A sequence to find now in our player video !