Pock installs widgets with the Dock in the Touch Bar

Pock, the utility for the Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro has received a significant update with the addition of widgets. In its first version, described in January 2018, Pock displayed in the Touch Bar, the icons of your Dock.

On this point it has not changed, except that the bullets red which would signal the arrival of a mail, a new message, an alert, are now visible (the number it can contain is not there however but it would be a very tight squeeze)).

As previously, the Calendar icon does not show the date in its icon (unlike the Dock), and when you reorder the content of the Dock next to macOS, it should be just touching the bar Pock for it to refresh.

In the preferences you can reduce the number of these icons by showing only those applications open. It will remove the need those located at the tail end of the Dock and it will hide the Finder. Better, the spacing between each icon is adjustable.

Conversely, another option allows the navigation tree of the user folder and open files by tapping the icon in Finder. It then progresses to folders in sub-folder, but you can’t go back otherwise from scratch.

Another great benefit of this version of Pock, widgets : modules that you can drag to side of Dock icons. The developer has decided to leave his peers to create their own. By default, it offers a block of icons for adjusting the volume and brightness, another with the level of Wi-Fi, the battery, the date and time and a third for the control of the music that’s playing.

As for the Esc, it can be moved if it bothers you in its usual place in the left corner of the Touch Bar (it happens that it is activated by mistake, since it’s virtual and that it cannot be felt under the fingers).

The bar that is configured with Pock may remain permanently displayed in the Touch Bar. To return to the default display, with the icons associated with the app open in the foreground, and the Control Strip from Apple, it’s just a double tap on the Ctrl key. It will switch quickly between the two displays.

The widget “Now playing” has been put in the place of the Esc key. To pause playback touch the icon (here that of Spotify). To change the piece you are sliding your finger on the icon laterally or vertically, it is the same.

If your Touch Bar lets you marble, can be Pock you give envy to reject an eye. The utility is free, its developer Pierluigi Galdi only asking for a voluntary contribution. The software needs a minimum of macOS 10.12.2.