A storage pocket for Pencil on this dubious case for iPhone 11

This is an additional piece to add it to the folder of the Pencil for iPhone. The distributor English MobileFun reference a case Olixar for ” iPhone 11 Pro “, which incorporates at the back a pocket for a stylus pen Apple. With the exception of the visuals of the leather pouch, the product description does not provide much additional explanation. One can, however, be noted that the Pencil here is much smaller than the model for iPad.

The rumour of the compatibility of the Apple Pencil with the iPhone is not new, it was referred to at the end of July. This support could be one of the big interests of the cuvée 2019 of the iPhone, in addition to the photo sensors additional. But we will keep well away : Olixar is a regular at the buzz, leaves to deceive the world. In may 2018, the prop maker made a film protection for the iPhone 2, which never saw the light of day.