Huawei launches its operating system HarmonyOS

Richard Yu, the CEO of the branch consumer Huawei today announced the launch of its operating system HongmengOS, which will be distributed under the name HarmonyOS in English-speaking countries, and supposedly in the rest of Europe, according to CNBC.

It has to be mentioned, that this OS would be usable on a wide range of devices, from the smartphone to the speakers that are connected via various sensors ! A turn clear and net in the direction of the famous “Internet of Things”, this nebulous concept of connected objects expected to integrate into our daily lives to make our lives easier.

The CEO says : “we felt it was important to have an OS with capabilities cross-platform improved. We need a system that supports all the scenarios, able to be used on a wide range of devices and platforms, and could satisfy the requirements of consumers in terms of low latency and high security.”

HarmonyOS will be officially launched soon, with a new product unknown. According to Express, it could be a new intelligent screen stamped with the Honor. It should be noted that according to CNET, this new operating system will be available in Open-Source, that is to say, that every one can use and modify the source code to his liking – a availability who had made the beautiful days of Android in its early days.

Huawei shows off its good-faith and serenity

Yu explained that, at present, Huawei does not integrate its OS to its smartphones and would prefer to use Android, “for reasons of ecosystem and partnership”. However, the CEO ensures that if the access to the Android was refused, it would be very easy to migrate all their offers to HarmonyOS : he speaks of a “day or two” and a procedure “very convenient” : If we can’t use Android, we can immediately fall back on HarmonyOS.

A way of putting in perspective the consequences of the pressure of the american administration, which had placed Huawei in the black list last May.

In July, members of the administration to Trump, however, had backtracked and stated that it would provide a license to Huawei in cases where the national security would not be impacted. But according to Bloomberg, these licences would have been put on hold following the refusal of the chinese to buy farm equipment…

Huawei shows its good faith in ensuring that they wanted to cooperate, but also its firmness by ensuring that Android will not be a means of pressure valid… We can already imagine that Donald Trump does not taste that very little of the serenity displayed by the staff of the brand, and can already imagine the counter-measures to not let them have the last word.