MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 : the best deals of the season

It is nearly the end of the vacation, and may-be going to-t-he have to consider investing in a new MacBook. For its combination of portability, productivity and a low price, there’s nothing like the versions the 13″ Mac notebooks Apple.

The purchase of a MacBook is synonymous with a budget that is not negligible, especially when one is still a student. We did the tour offers are currently more interesting that the price of Apple. What are laptops in stock and sold directly by their signs respective.

A must for students, remember that the offer annual Back to School 2019 is always current. It allows you to make nice savings on the purchase of a Mac or iPad on the Apple online Store, with a few bonus (read Back to School : headphones Beats and 20% off AppleCare+ with the purchase of a Mac or iPad).

You can also find useful information on our buying guide to the Mac (the latest models are not there yet but they have been tested). And if you still hesitate between different models, please do not hesitate to ask your question on our forums to have opinions of users already equipped.

MacBook Pro 13″ 2019 128 Gb from 1 425 €

The latest MacBook Pro 13 was released in mid-July (see our getting started). It is still too early to take advantage of real reductions, but we have, however, found a few minor but interesting price cuts applied on Amazon and FNAC.

For example, the MacBook Pro 13 2019 (Touch Bar / i5 quad-core 1.4 GHz / 8 Gb RAM) 128 Gb stands on his 1 425 € on Amazon (75 € less than the Apple Store). In 256 Gb and same configuration, it goes to 1 662 € (86 € less).

MacBook Pro 13 2019 (with Touch Bar).

The rate is the same on subject to be adherent FNAC+. Note that Microsoft also will reimburse 20 € on your purchase for every purchase of a pack Office eligible.

And for those who do not like the Touch Bar, note that it is still possible to find the MacBook Pro 13 (2017) without this bar, touchscreen, 128 Gb, on Amazon 1 299 € (in nine), or the Refurb from Apple refurbished) at 1 189 € (also available in 256 Gb up to 1379 €). Attention however to the potential problems related to the keyboard butterfly.

MacBook Pro 13 2017 (without Touch Bar).

If you need more power, but you do not want to pass in the format 15-inch, MacBook Pro 13 2019 with Intel Core i5 quad-core, 8th generation 2.4 GHz and 512 Gb is available on Amazon in 2 unit 137.52 € (against 2 249 € on the Apple Store).

MacBook Air-2019 128 Gb as early as 1 166 €

The new MacBook Air (models 2019 and 2018) are now equipped with a Retina display (IPS panel, 2 560 x 1 600 pixels), a fingerprint sensor Touch ID, and two USB ports-C (Thunderbolt 3)

Also note that the MacBook Air 2019 is almost identical to the model 2018, except for two differences : the addition of the option to True Tone in the settings of the screen (its color adapts to the ambient brightness) and the last iteration of the keyboard butterfly. To help you in your choice, don’t hesitate to read our taken in hand the MacBook Air 2018 , and that of the MacBook Air 2019.

The best rates we could find for the MacBook Air 2019 128 Gb are first in Rue du Commerce (which manages the sale and shipping) to 1 166 € (Gold colours) and 1 177 € (Space Grey) instead of 1 249 € at Apple.

Between the two it was Amazon, at a single rate of 1 187 € for the three colors (in Gray Sidereal, in Gold, and in Silver). On the version with an SSD of 256 Gb, Amazon and Rue du Commerce are both 1 425 € 1 499 € for Apple.

For smaller budgets, please note that it is always possible to find the old MacBook Air (model 2017, with processor dual-Core Intel Core i5 1.8 GHz, 8 Gb RAM and 128 Gb SSD) on the Refurb to 829,00 € or 870 € in nine.

In the meantime, and if you need to sell your old Mac, don’t hesitate to suggest iOccasion.